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the hub for the development of future strategic industries and the success of the cutting edge technology enterprises.

Now, in the wituation that the world economy is emerged into the unlimited competition system around the knowledge and information, the environment is rapidly changing and the uncertainty of economic condition is getting amplified, the innovation of regional technology is spotlighted as a core element not only to vitalize the local economy but also to secure national competitiveness.

To respond to the change to the global competition era, Gwangju Technopark was established in February, 1999, during the period of IMF bail-out program, and has promoted not only 6 major objective projects such as business incubation, joint R&D support, etc. but also regional industry promotional project, Technopark second stage project, metropoplitan area project, etc. actively visualizing the economic achievements such as enterprise attraction, increase of sales amount, job creation, etc.

Particularly, we contributed greatly to the optical industry, information electronic appliance industry by supporting the infrastructures, research and development, manpower training, enterprise support services, etc. in package actively, etc. and are doing our best as a base institution for fostering regional industries.

In addition, Gwangju Technopark performs the role of hub for regional technology, innovation through the organic industry-academy-institute-authority cooperation system, and promise you that we will born again as supporting institution having the global competence creating bright future for the region through the substantial enterprise support and regional industry development by concentrating all the innovative competences under the recognition that the vitalization of regional ecomomy and the success of our regional enterprises are indispensable to build "Gwangju where everybody is living together".

We ask your interests and encouragement in us.