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LED / LD Packaging Service Center

Technology support Center for LED/LD Packaging Pilot Production LED/LD Business, the center of next generation light source

Project Overview

Project Name: Infrastructure Building for LED/LD Packaging Pilot Production Technology Supports (Industrial Technology Infrastructure Building Project)

Managing Institution: Gwangju Technopark [Technology Support Center for LED/LD Packaging Pilot Production]

Infrastructure building: Jul, 01, 2003 ~ Apr 30, 2006 Build the infrastructures for [34 months]

Total project amount: 18.715 billion won [Government support: 11.8 billion, City support: 1.2 billion, private funding: 5,715 billion)

Project Objectives
Contribute to the reinforcement of domestic optical semi-conductor industry's competitiveness and the revitalization of regional economy by fostering the specialized business having technical competitiveness through industrial infrastructure building required for fostering the domestic optical semi-conductor industry together with industrial integration.
Project contents
Project contents
Build facilities and equipments (124 types of equipments)
Technical exchange collaboration
Specialized business fostered (over 30 businesses)
Support the technology development

Project Achievement

Results of Supports

Sales and employment trends of 14 major tenant businesses in Gwangju Technopark utilizing Center's infrastructures (Among 18 businesses, 4 businesses are graduated)

Successful cases

OE Solutions: Optical communications (active)
Sales: 380 million won in 2004 -> 30.2 billion won in 2009
Employee: 24 employees in 2004 -> 154 employees in 2009
International recognition: Ranked 14th position in optical communication area (2009), ranked as top domestically
Major products: Optical transmitter/receiver module for GE-PON
Support details: Rental space, clean room facilities, test and the property evaluation equipments
Kosemi: LED Packaging
Sales: 0.5 billion won in 2005 -> 5.5 billion won in 2009
Employees: 22 employees in 2005 -> 48 employees in 2009
Major products: SMD type LED, Lamp-style LED (domestically No. 1)
Support details: Rental space, clean room facilities, test and property evaluation equipments
LEDLitek: LED illumination
Sales: 3.3 billion won in 2005 -> 6.9 billion won in 2009
Employee: 15 employees in 2005 -> 28 employees in 2009
Major products: LED illuminations, home LED illuminations, LED illuminations for automobile
Support details: Rental space, test and property evaluation equipments
Remark: Concluded the contract to supply the LED illuminations for Samsung Electronic's refrigerators yearly equivalent to 20 billion won in May, 2010

New Vision and Objectives

Vision: Lead the creation of blue ocean for new era of optical electronics: Seek and foster the optical electronic industry and optical application industry

Promotion Strategy
Foster the leading business and expand the achievements of the project
Expand the supports for participation in research to develop advanced technology for the small and medium business
Build the infrastructures for optical applications (optical convergence and integration) and establish the practical model
Reinforce the stature of role of specialized Center
Expand the range of the project
Constant supports for LED packaging business
Constant support for LED packaging business
The expand the range of optical communication business supporting projects
Improve efficiency of the supports to create the star business
Support the research to develop advanced technology for the small and medium business
Seek and foster the optical-based convergence and integration industry
Reinforce the supports for measurement, analysis, reliability evaluation
Provide the diverse complex supports for product development
Seek plans for post optical electronic business
Measures to expand the project performance
Reorganizing infrastructures for optical electronic industry-related business supports
Participation of Center in joint research/Revitalization of technology development
Suggest the optical application industry model: Foster the target business
Promote the KOLAS, the institution for certification, to reinforce the competence

Change in Center's Role

Reinforce the function for research and development
First stage: 2003 ~ 2006
Focused on foundation building
Building facilities
Building equipments
Attract the business
Attract the manufacturing-oriented business
The 2nd Stage: 2007 ~2010
Focused on the function for research
Research and development
Technical supports
Function of planning
Growth of the technical business
the 3rd stage: 2011 ~ 2014
Seek and lead the optical application and optical convergence industries utilizing infrastructures for optical electronic industry
Reinforce the function for LED and optical components reliability evaluation -> promote the institution for certification (KOLAS)
Secure basic conditions for evaluation criteria for optical application products -> improve to a level of evaluation institution
Function of sub-institution for certification of LED and optical electronic components