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Overseas Business Center

Establishment Overview
Purpose of Establishment: Support the export activation of regional small and medium businesses
Region of Establishment: Within the capital by each country or major export city
Major Jobs: Cover the overseas sales business of regional small and medium businesses
Gwangju TP's Overseas Business Center Status
Description United States Argentina
(Buenos Aires)
(Rio de Janeiro)
(Monte Video)
(Mexico City)
Detroit San Jose Washington New York
In charge of Center Kim Young-Geun Park Hee-Jin John Yu Kim Jeong-Sun Oh Dong-Hee Lee Sang-Ick MiKah Lee Lee Sun-Won Yoo Shi-Nae Kim Ji-Hyeon Oh Chang-Ho
Major Carrer Daewoo Motors Samsung Electronics Federal Acquisition General Import and export Import, export and distribution GeneralImport and export GeneralImport and export GeneralImport and export GeneralImport and export Samsung Electronics IBM
Local Career 10years 11years 15years 10years 21years 26years 15years 15years 10years 13years 8years
1st Priority Stamping, mold LED Lighting  Products for Federal Acquisition LED Lighting New Productsfor Optical Communication, LED Machinery and Equipments Foods Machinery, Metals Electric, Electronics Construction, Environment
2st Priority Automotive parts Automotive parts IT제품 New renewable Energy Game, Contents Game, Contents Automotive parts Automotive parts Electric, Electronics Machinery, Metals Automotive parts
3st Priority Home Appliance Part Medical Equipments Misc Environmental, Industrial Facilities Batteries Batteries Environmental, Energy Products Dental Material Telecommunication IT, Medical Equipments  Energy,Textile, Chemicals
Description France Germany Czeck
In charge of Center Ryon Frankfurt Bochum
In charge of Center Choi Song-Hak Hong Geum-Pyo Lee-Ji-Hyeon Bae Dong-Woon Kim Tae-Woo Park Jong-Rae Lim Shi-Chang Park Won Park Jong -Beom Park Jong-Tae Seo In-Bok
Major Carrer KOTRA Hewlett-Packard Export Consulting General Import and Export Daewoo Motors LG Electronics LG International Corp General Import and Export KIa Motors General Import and Export General Import and Export
Local Career 22years 10years 18years 22years 20years 12years 12years 18years 17years 24years 15years
1st Priority Eco-friendly Products LED, Batteries Automotive parts Automotive parts Automotive parts IT, Electric, Electronics Optical Communication, LED Security Equipments Automotive parts Food, Beverage Textile products
2st Priority Electric, Electronics Electric, Electronic parts LED Home Robot and Parts Plastic Products Automotive parts Mold Products Environmental, Energy Products Machinery, Facilities Household items LED Products
3st Priority Misc Misc Semiconductor parts, etc Medical Equipments LEDProducts Household items Misc Machinery, Medical Equipments LED Agrivulture and horticulture related Chemical Products
Description Vietnam China Indonesia
(Kuala Lumpur)
Hochimin Hanoi Beijing Shenzhen
In charge of Center Kim Dong-Young Lee Sang-Mo Kim Jeom-Kwon Kim Gi-Deok Kim Hyeong-Jin Park Im-Joo Jin Young-Seop Song Sang-Yoon Kim Sang-Wook Park Joong-Bok Jeong Hyeon
Major Carrer Samsung C&T LG International Posco LG Electronics General Import and Export General Import and Export General Import and Export Hyundai General Import and Export General Import and Export Samsung C&T
Local Career 17years 15years 5years 11years 23years 12years 19years 12years 18years
1st Priority Household items Automotive Parts, Electronic Parts Game Construction/ Vehicle Film LED,New REnewable, Smart Appliance LED,Green Energy Bio-Products, Foods LED,Optical Communication Dental Parts Electric, Electronics Automotive parts
2st Priority Bio-Products Processed Foods Electric, Electronics Litium Battery/LED Material Bio, medicals, Cosmetics, etc. Telecommunication Sundries Batteries New Renewable, Environment  Construction, Environment, Energy LED
3st Priority Misc LED, Optical Communication LEDLighting Implant Automotive parts, Mold Parts, etc. Household items etc. Misc Automotive parts and Interior Electric, Electronics , IT Products Textile, Chemicals Energy Saving Products 
Description Saudi
(Ulaan Bartar)
(Abu Dhabi)
New Zealand
South Africa
In charge of Center Seo Ho-Kyeong Park Ho-Sun Choi Seok-Hwan/div> Kim Hyeong-Sik Jeong Hyeon-Kyeong Park Bang-Soo Hwang Deok-Man Ahn Gi-Jong Shin Kwang-Hee Ahn Young-Ho Min Tae-Kyeong
Major Carrer LG Electronics Local Construction Business Hyundai General Import and Export Kolon General Import and Export Hyundai Corporation General Import and Export General Import and Export Daewoo Corporation General Import and Export
Local Career 16years 13years 10years 10years 10years 11years 17years 20years 23years 27years 13years
1st Priority Security and Acess Control Products Construction, MIning  Automotiveparts and Interior Machinery, Metals Construction Materials Government Procurement Products Outdoor Products LED, Batteries LED,Optical Communication Mining/Dental Equipment and Parts Electric, Electronics
2st Priority LED and Sunlight Electric, Electronics Batteries Medical Equipments LED LED,Optical Communication Automotive parts Construction Materials, Envergy saving Medical Equipments LED,Optical Communication Construction, Environment, Energy
3st Priority Network 및 AV Products Misc LED,Optical Communication Electric, Electronics Mold Products Mold Products Mining Equipments Solar Power Generation Misc Batteries Textile, Chemicals
Participating Company Recruitment Guide
Eligibility: Regional small and medium businesses met below requirements
Small and medium businesses which do not have ability to perform self-overseas sales and overseas marketing
Small and medium businesses which want to discover buyers and overseas sales within relevant country
※When entering the export contract with buyer, the export incentive contract should be made with Center Management Company※
Support Details: Cost related to buyer meeting in relevant country and to export contract
Within 2,000 thousand won by company such as travel expense for buyer meeting in relevant country
Link with marketing support program connected to participating industry group
Selection: Notify individually after evaluating the possibility of product exportation
※For the details of participating in the center※
contact with International Promotion Department,Yoon Seung-Ho, team leader (062-602-7781,