Mecca for advancement of future strategic industries and success of high technology companies Gwangju Techno Park

Industrial Policy Planning

Project Objectives

Establish the promotion plan for regional industries in Gwangju region
Attract and suggest the projects of central government according to the Central Government's regional industry promotion policy
Prepare the regional industry development road map (RIRM) and technology road map (RTRM)

Project Objectives

Attract and suggest the projects of central government according to the Central Government's policy such as service, R&D revitalization plans, etc.
Seek new business by predominating the business having advantages comparing with other regions, matching with the "Comprehension promotion plan for new growth engine" of the Central Government
Seek customized new regional business linked to the policy of Central Government
Prepare RIRM/RTRM to respond to the radical changes in the domestic and overseas industrial (technological) environment
Establish counter-strategy by identifying domestic and overseas market and industrial trends by strategic industry, and by analyzing our regional competence
Seek and foster the strategic industry-based business between metropolitan city and province
Establish detailed supra-metropolitan area joint business promotion plan
Establish mid- and long-term master plan for the strategic industries (optical, information appliance, automobile, design industries) and renewable energy industry
Seek and plan the strategic industry-based convergence and integrated business

Business Objectives

Revitalize the regional economy and create the employment by attracting the projects of the Central Government
Create the inter-regional, and inter-industrial synergic effects through the planning of joint business between regional strategic businesses already promoted.
Seek the measures to expand continuously the growth potentials of existing strategic industries such as the optical electronic industry, the information appliance industry, etc, and the new growth driving business to haul the economy of Gwangju region