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Gwangju region industry promotional council

Composition of Council
Regional industry promotional council: Representative opinion leaders from industries, academics, insitutes, journalists, and governmental agencies
Manage 5 working subcommittees
Strategic industry subcommittee: Establish the regional industry promotional projects policy and discuss development direction
Business attraction and job creation subcommittee: Seek Gwangju City's business attraction policy and attraction subject business by institution, and prepare joint countermeasure related to the creation of employment
Business support subcommittee: Promote the one-stop business support service through the network by integrating regional innovative competences of academy, industry and institute
New industry fostering subcommittee: Improve business support efficiency by reinforcing the connection of the think-tank function in seeking new industry, with the function of project implementation and performance spreading (feed-back)
College cooperation subcommittee: Joint exploration of new collaboration projects and revitalization of job linking by revitalizing the network between Gwangju Technopark and the colleges (대한->대학) within the region
Explain and converge the opinion on the regional industry promotional projects and regional industrial policy, etc.
Consult the important matters among regional strategic industry fostering plan
Discuss the major pressing matters by institution and share the information

International Cooperation

Establish global innovation network to prepare overseas marketing supporting base such as business supporting service and service quality expansion, etc.
Overseas marketing supports for the small and medium business through supporting the excellent foreign students within region and connecting and supporting the small and medium businesses, which have insufficient manpower for overseas marketing.
Contents of Project
Establish global innovation network
Seek competent institutions having good relations with overseas excellent business, and conclude the agreement
Benchmark overseas advanced institution through the participation in the global exchange events such as IASP, APCS, ASPA, etc.
Seek and promote the global cooperation projects
Promote the joint R&D, overseas business attraction, overseas technology transfer, etc.
Manage the training programs linked with overseas STP
Promote the participation in EUREKA program
Seek new cooperation projects through the management of working committee by the personnel in charge of international cooperation in regional major colleges and competent institutions
Support overseas marketing and overseas sales of the small and medium business
Support the foreign students internship (during summer/winter vacation, and during the semester) and the interpretation and translation (50% of the charged payments)